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Pontoon Boat Rentals

   For the time being, to support the Coronavirus social distancing efforts and to proceed with an abundance of caution, we will not be booking any rental boats for the months of April and May. As governmental authorities relax the social distancing rules, we will open the rentals up accordingly. Remember we are all in this together
Rental Times

Boats depart at 9:00am, 9:30am, 10:00am or in the evenings at 6:30pm or 7:00pm.

Boat Capacity

Each pontoon seats 10 or 12 people, depending upon availability at the time of booking.

Must be 25 years or older.

A Valid Photo ID is also required for rental.

Fuel Excluded

Fuel charges are not included in boat rental.

Enjoy A Day On The Lake

No Boating Experience Necessary

Geist Marina offers fourteen quality, comfortable pontoons that you can reserve. Availability on weekends and holidays can be limited, so be sure to schedule your boat in advance! Reservations are strongly recommended.

No previous boating experience is necessary, our instructors will teach you all the basics of boating.


Each pontoon seats 10 or 12 people, depending upon availability at the time of booking, and allows you to enjoy swimming, fishing and boating on Geist Lake.

Departure & Return Times

Your reserved pontoon will depart at a certain time and is due back by a certain time. Late fees will be assessed for late returns. No overnight rentals. Pricing varies depending on the season, book below.

Geist Lake Map

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Rental Rates


4/15 - 4/30


5/23 - 8/9

Regular Season

5/1 - 9/30

Fall Evening

8/10 - 9/5


10/1 - 10/31

Holiday Dates

*Geist Marathon 5/16, Memorial Day 5/25, Independence Day 7/4, Labor Day 9/7

Subject to first-come, first-serve availablity.

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Daytime Rentals

Daytime rentals are available starting in April, depending on the weather.

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Evening Rentals

Evening rentals are available starting the Friday of Memorial Weekend and run through Saturday of Labor Day Weekend.

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In-season rentals fill quickly.


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Common Questions

  • Is fuel included in the rental price?


    The pontoon will come with a full tank of gas. When you return the boat you will be directed in to one of our gas docks and a marina employee will top-off the tank and let you know how much you owe for fuel. Fuel charges can vary greatly depending on how much you drive the boat. Some people use around $10, others, upwards of $25.

  • Can I bring my dog?


    As long as it is well behaved. Many dogs love a day on the lake as much as people do. As long as your dog is well behaved, and you are fully prepared to clean up after it, you may certainly bring it along.

  • Can we bring food and drinks on the boat?


    The boat does not come equipped with a cooler, so plan to bring your own to keep your food and drinks cold. (We do sell ice at the gas house, where you will depart from.) If you plan to bring alcoholic beverages, please know that the same rules apply for the driver of a boat as for that of a car. There are also restaurants on-site where you can choose to dine or call for dockside delivery!

  • Do you provide a driver?


    We do not provide a driver, you do. The driver must be 25 or older and have a valid driver’s license. A brief orientation will be given on how to operate the pontoon boat before departure.

  • What size engine is on the pontoon?


    Our rental pontoons are NOT speedboats. They are not equipped for speed, but for a fun, relaxing day out on the water with family and friends. Our boats have either a 50HP or a 60HP engine, which is great for cruising around the lake and finding the perfect cove to anchor and enjoy the sunshine.

  • What equipment is provided?

    All required safety equipment.  

    The boat comes furnished with everything required to be legal and safe on the water. That includes foam life vests equal to the maximum capacity of your pontoon. We highly recommend bringing your own life jackets for infants and very young children, because you have a better knowledge of what will be comfortable to them for the day. We do have some youth vests available for use as well.

  • Is experience necessary?


    While bringing a driver who already knows how to operate a boat can provide a more relaxing day for everyone, it is not required. Our staff will spend time doing a brief orientation prior to your departure. This orientation is typically sufficient to help a first-time boater understand the basic operations of a pontoon boat.

  • What is the maximum capacity for the boat?

    A max head count number.  

    Each pontoon boat has a metal plate near the captain’s seat that lists the maximum capacity for that pontoon boat. (Our fleet ranges from 9-12 people, depending upon availability when you make your reservation.) That number is a head count, that includes babies, young children, teens and adults alike. So, even though adults are bigger than kids, 2 small children still count as 2 for the maximum capacity. DNR and the Fishers Police monitor the lake. If they stop and check your pontoon and your head count is above maximum capacity, you will be issued a ticket and a fine.

  • How do I check in for my rental?

    At the marina or the gas house.  

    Daytime rentals will check in at the main marina building. At that time we will make a copy of your driver’s license and send you down to our gas house, which is the departure area for pontoon rentals. Evening rentals can report directly to the gas house, as the marina will be closed when you arrive for your rental. There is parking available on our lot, close to the departure area.