Geist Marina

Gas House



Ice & Snacks

Top off your cooler when you stop for fuel.

Ethanol Free Fuel

It's best for marine engines, and we think you deserve the best!

Boat Gear

If you don't see what you need, it's probably in our marina store.

The Gas House

Stock up on ice, snacks, and other boating items.

When you stop in for fuel at the Gas House, it’s also a great time to replenish the ice and refreshments in your cooler.

Need a snack? We’ve got you covered. Did your tube spring a leak? No worries, we’ve got new ones, as well as an air hose to inflate them.

We also carry oil and a variety of other items. Don’t see what your looking for? It’s likely just up in our marina store. Ask our staff.

All that, and close proximity to the restrooms as well! What could be better?

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Gas House Hours

Vary seasonally and in the event of inclement weather. See below or call the marina to confirm.


Fuel Cost

Yes, it costs more than at the gas station, but Ethanol-Free is better for your engine.

Common Questions

  • What type of fuel do you sell?


    We sell only ethanol-free fuel. Ethanol absorbs moisture from the air. Over time, that water can separate and drop, along with ethanol, to the bottom of your fuel tank. This is when problems like corrosion, stalling and engine damage start. To avoid those issues for our customers, we are one of the area’s only ethanol-free stations.

  • What else do you sell at the gas house?

    A variety of items.  

    In addition to fuel, we sell drinks, snacks and ice. We also sell tubes and tow ropes, oil, and a few other items to help make your day on the water more enjoyable. If you don’t see what you need at the gas house, we probably have it in our marina store!